Alien Warfare

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Planet Earth has been invaded by hostile aliens that want to take over the world.
Your area has already been seized by them and you’re the only one left.
Your mission is to stay alive as long as you can and kill all those aliens together with their humongous bosses.
Make use of the weapons and med kits that were scattered all over the terrain.
Destroy them all and live as if it was your last day on Earth!
WASD: Move
C: Change Camera
L: Toggle Mouse Cursor
F: Use and Move Item, Move NPC
E: Lean Right
Q: Lean Left
X: Prone
Ctrl: (Left): Crouch
Shift: (Left): Sprint
Space: Run
G: Throw Grenade
Backspace: Drop Weapon
V: Melee Attack
T: Enter Bullet Time
H: Holster Weapon
B: Fire Mode
R: Reload
Mouse Wheel: Select Weapon
RMB: Zoom/Block
LMB: Shoot
Z: Toggle Dead Zone Aiming

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