Battle Castle

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Battle Castle is a survival game in which you are from the future with modern weaponry, who got lost in medieval time! You have been thrown in the arena inside the castle and you have to protect yourself from all the knights that are going to annihilate you! Given just two minutes for every level, you’ll have to keep yourself alive until your time is up and you’ll go to the next level. You’ll be using different kinds of weapon in every stage. Enjoy this survival shooting game and unlock all the achievements and challenge yourself to get into the leaderboard!
WASD: Move
Shift: (Left): Run
Alt (Left): Crouch
X: Prone
Space: Run
E: Use Item
P: Pause
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9: Select Weapon
RMB: Zoom
LMB: Shoot
R: Reload

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