Nazi Zombie Army

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Defeat the Nazi Boss and survive all his nasty minions and dogs! Kill every one of them and earn money to purchase high powered guns to defeat that humongous Nazi boss zombie!
It may not be an easy task so you better be careful and use the map as your advantage.
Besides, they are just mindless flesh eating zombies and you’re the one who can think and have the guns.
Remember the bigger they are the harder they fall. So what are you waiting for? Let’s kill some Nazi Zombie Army!
WASD: Move
Space: Jump
E: Use Item
X: Prone
Alt (Left): Crouch
Shift: (Left) Run
1-2-3: Select Weapon
P: Pause
Divide: Next/Previous Weapon
LMB: Shoot/Attack
RMB: Aim
L: Lock/Unlock mouse cursor
I: Open Shop

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