Space Creatures

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In deep space, your ship has crash landed on unfamiliar planet.
Upon checking the area you were surprised to see the inhabitants of the planet are mindless zombies and blood thirsty space creatures!
You’re out on your own, defend yourself and keep yourself alive as long as you can.
WASD: Move
L: Switch Mouse Lock
F: Move NPC
F: Use and Move Item
E: Lean Right
Q: Lean Left
Space: Jump
Ctrl: (Left): Crouch
Shift: (Left): Sprint
X: Prone
Z: Toggle Dead Zone Aiming
T: Enter Bullet Time
V: Melee Attac
G: Throw Grenade
Backspace: Drop Weapon
H: Holster Weapon
B: Fire Mode
R: Reload
RMB: Zoom/Block
LMB: Shoot
C: Toggle Camera Mode

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